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Property and Household Management

Home is where the heart is, and our property and household focused professionals will ensure your house always feels like home, whether it’s your primary residence, vacation or recreational property, yacht or automobile collection. If you’re just staying at your city property overnight, entertaining guests at your beach home or making a seasonal move, our professionals will deliver consistency and comfort upon your arrival—Whether you’re returning from your day or for the first time this year.

With Home and Work Staffing professionals, employers can feel confident that their property is being well maintained and cared for even when they are not there. We can also provide rotating staff based on the location of your properties, including a crew to move or winterize a yacht, a captain to pilot a cruise and even a full household staff to open and run a summer home. Our experienced house managers can also oversee maintenance, construction and decorating projects alongside you or in your absence.

Our professionals have a wide range of skills and experience, and we can fill any household roles that need attention. Our goal is matching the right professional with the right household.