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Why Work With Us


Why Work With Us

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Why Work With Us

Ensuring a good match for both employers and professionals is always our number one priority. A complex mix of factors determines whether a placement is a fit for all parties, so we dig deep, getting to know both employers and professionals before making any recommendations. Our team members work closely with everyone involved in the placement process. Every employer has a dedicated account manager, and every professional is assigned a recruiter. We’re available to you seven days a week, so it couldn’t be easier to reach us, no matter what time zone you are in.

Once a placement is made, we are available to work closely with both parties as needed. We’re here to facilitate the transition, address any issues that come up and even assist with contract renewals. We simplify the process for employers and professionals every step of the way.

Finally, Home and Work Staffing’s total commitment to privacy is unparalleled. We know how important discretion is to you, and we never disclose any identifying information about employers or professionals without permission, and only to the individuals who need it, never broadly online. Your private information is always safe in our hands.

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